Mark Campbell completed 190 of the 298-km race. ((Facebook))

A marathon runner trying to complete the Cabot Trail Relay Race on his own was forced to quit after 27 hours.

Mark Campbell planned to complete the 298-km weekend race alone and raise money for a camp for sick children.

The annual event is the equivalent of seven marathons in a row. Most runners compete in 17-person teams.

Campbell, from Dartmouth, had just crested MacKenzie Mountain, the third mountain of the race, when he became ill. He was taken to a hospital in Cheticamp, where a doctor advised him to stop.

Campbell is disappointed he wasn't able to finish, but he's pleased his family and friends completed the race for him.

"Once word got out that I was told not to run, they all wanted to make their own mini relay and finish it for me," he told CBC.

Campbell raised $31,000 for Brigadoon Village, a camp being developed for chronically ill children.

Three years ago, Campbell ran the relay with two partners. He did it with only one partner last year. He plans to try the entire 298 kilometres again.

Campbell ran the 42-km Blue Nose marathon in Halifax a week before the Cabot Trail race.