Halifax airport

Crews worked hard to clear runways blanketed with snow Friday at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. (CBC)

Flight cancellations are dwindling at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport following Friday's storm, but some travellers attempting to get to Nova Scotia remain stranded elsewhere.

Helen Clarke is trying to find a way home to Nova Scotia after her US Airways connecting flight from the United Kingdom was cancelled due to the storm. She's been stuck in Philadelphia since Thursday.

She estimates dozens of Nova Scotians are faced with the same problem.

Clarke said she’s tried to get on three other flights out of Philadelphia, but each has been cancelled.

“Everybody is extremely frustrated,” she said.

“We have been abandoned by US Airways. They are making no announcements, they are not telling us anything, they're not giving us any food vouchers, they're not giving us any pillows, they're not putting anybody up in hotels. They're refusing to speak to us."

US Airways has not returned a call from CBC seeking comment.

Clarke said it looks like it will be another five days before she and her family can fly out.

The airline put the family up in a hotel Thursday, Clarke said, but after that they were on their own. Clarke and her family slept in the airport last night and said she's not sure where they're going to sleep tonight.