U-Haul is apologizing to a Calgary family who recently moved to Nova Scotia after some of their sentimental items were damaged and destroyed in the company's containers during the trip.

Mariah and Phil Chatelaine rented two storage containers — called U-Boxes — that the company transported from Calgary to Dartmouth on a tractor-trailer. The couple packed the containers themselves and the company drove them.

When they went to the U-Haul centre in Dartmouth to pick up their containers, they were shocked.

The couple said it appeared the door of one of the containers had come off and their items had tumbled out. The door was nailed back on, but some of the nails were too long for the door and punctured a couch and car seat that were inside.

"I am extremely sorry that Ms. Chatelaine's items were damaged during the transport of her two U-Boxes," Gordon Anderson, the president of U-Haul Southern Alberta, said in a statement sent Thursday afternoon.

"Her experience does not meet U-Haul standards and we are prepared to take full responsibility for the damaged goods."

The Chatelaines said one of the containers was fine, while the contents in the other container were destroyed.

"Some of this stuff I got in Nunavut, from friends in the Northwest Territories," said Mariah Chatelaine.

Mariah Chatelaine

Mariah Chatelaine rented two storage containers from U-Haul. She later discovered the contents of one of the containers was heavily damaged. (CBC)

"They should just own their accident and do something about it."

The family had sold most of their belongings before the move and brought only one box of treasured dishes, which is now nothing more than a pile of broken glass. A new sectional sofa and a coffee table were also damaged.

After spending hours on the phone trying to get answers, Chatelaine contacted CBC News.

"We were in no way neglecting Ms. Chatelaine's claim and her concerns and paperwork were being processed," Anderson said.

"The insurance carrier has sent forms for Ms. Chatelaine to fill out and assign a value to her belongings so the claim can be finalized. Ms. Chatelaine will be fully reimbursed for her losses."

Chatelaine said she was grateful for U-Haul's response but skeptical about the offer.

"All they had to do was let us know that some of our stuff was damaged in the process of moving it. Phil and I both understand that accidents happen and it's just stuff. All we had to do was have some sort of preparedness for what we were going to see when we opened up our U-Haul Boxes," she said.

"I just don't think that this is the way a business should be run."