A wedding album found on the Macdonald Bridge between Halifax and Dartmouth will be reunited with the P.E.I. couple who lost it, thanks to Twitter.

The Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission tweeted a photo of the couple on Friday after a bridge worker found their album in a box on the deck of the bridge.


A worker for the Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission found what looked like trash. (CBC)

After the beaming couple's photo circulated on social media, a friend recognized the pair and called the bridge commission.

Marcel and Ashley MacDonald, who live on P.E.I., were married last August. They had received their wedding photos on a CD but were waiting for photographer Jennifer Murphy to deliver the complimentary wedding album.

Murphy, a Halifax-based photographer, left for Prince Edward Island Friday morning. She said she placed the album on the roof of the car while loading other items — then forgot the album was there as she embarked on the drive to P.E.I.

It wasn't until she received a call from CBC News Friday afternoon that she was even aware the album was missing.

Ashley MacDonald said she's looking forward to seeing the album full of pictures from her Aug. 3 wedding day.

"I’m very grateful. Obviously it was a very special day and we’re really excited to be able to see the pictures," she said.

Ashley went on to say that Murphy was an excellent photographer and she does not blame her for the mistake.