If the mention of Duff Beer and Itchy and Scratchy no longer brings to mind The Simpsons, a new art show in Dartmouth will be sure to jog your memory.

Last Exit to Springfield, named after an episode in the fourth season, celebrates The Simpsons as the show ends its 25th year on television.

Pieces feature such characters as Krusty the Clown, Mr. Burns, Itchy and Scratchy and, of course, the family in yellow themselves: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. 

 Jane MacDougald

Dart Gallery owner Jane MacDougald says The Simpsons exhibit fits into the gallery's vision of accessible art. (CBC)

The iconic world of the Simpsons has become iconoclastic art at the Dart Gallery in Dartmouth. 

"First we have this amazing Krusty quilt by Amy Semel of Candy Coated Quilts. I think she has made a very bright, exciting piece for here," says gallery owner Jane MacDougald.

It's the third in a series of pop art shows. The first two explored video games and 1980s toys. 

It fits into the gallery's vision of accessible art. 

"It's very relatable for people and that's something that's missing with art,” says MacDougald. “Sometimes it feels a bit distant."

Dave Howlett went deep into the Simpsons universe to create video cases for the many fictional movies in the show, such as Bart’s favourite sci-fi horror Space Mutants 4.

He drew the images by hand, coloured them digitally, printed them and wrapped them around old VHS tapes. 

"That's kind of the fun of it for me,” Howlett says, "where you almost don't know it's art. I kind of want people to be a little confused by it in a way."

The exhibit runs until Aug. 25.