A Nova Scotia woman has turned a vacant apartment into a makeshift day shelter for homeless people.

Truro resident Audrey Bailey says while there is an overnight shelter in the area, there is no place to stay warm in the day. She rented an apartment and equipped it with furniture and a television and invited homeless people to make use of it during the day.

"This will be the beginning of a homeless shelter developing in Truro. So this is a start, a motivation to something bigger and better,” she said.

Many of the furnishings were donated. Volunteers like Dale Morrow will staff the apartment.

"This gives the people a place to come that they can feel safe, they can have a cup of coffee, they can watch some television and they're out of the cold,” Morrow said.

Trevor Totten moved in donated furniture and other items. 

"It's amazing. We came in here yesterday to look at the place and the people who were doing some work. They said they were cleaning out an apartment and they donated it all,” Totten said.

“We picked it up today and stuff is coming into place."

Bailey hopes the apartment will remain open to the homeless year round.