A proposal could put Truro in competition with Moncton and Halifax for big summer concerts.

Earlier this year, the provincial government's Farm Loan Board foreclosed on a loan of $422,000 and seized the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition's property and assets in Truro.

The Truro Raceway sits on the 26-hectare exhibition site. It's an 800-metre track with a huge infield.  

Bruce Kennedy, interim manager of the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Commission, says big concerts may be a way for the exhibition to make some money.

"There's a great economic opportunity for the whole community here if we enhance the facility to a point where it can be attractive," he said.

Kennedy has had numerous meetings with David DeWolfe, the promoter of the Dutch Mason Blues Festival. The festival has called the raceway home for nine years.

DeWolfe says the facility's large, flat surface would offer great sight lines for big shows.  

He says Truro Raceway could be converted into a venue for 30,000 fans without a big investment of money.

“This is now a provincial facility. There’s a future for expansion and improvements, improving the infrastructure, cleaning up the facility. I think it’s great,” said DeWolfe.   

Later this week the province will conduct interviews to hire a new general manager. The person who gets the job is expected to have an extensive marketing background.

“With what's going on now, with the province stepping in and taking control of the site, and redesigning and relegislating the structure of it — it puts us in a position when new people get appointed and permanent management gets put in place, it'll give us the opportunity for the community to come forward in some kind of a structured fashion,” said Kennedy.