A Truro man has been convicted of animal cruelty for failing to provide medical attention to his dog, Daisy.

Gregory Peppard, 33, was found guilty in Truro provincial court, according to the Nova Scotia SPCA.

Daisy, an American Staffordshire, had one of the worst cases of untreated mange the SPCA says it had ever seen. The dog was seized in November 2013.

Peppard was found guilty of one count of cruelty for failing to provide Daisy with medical attention under the Animal Protection Act.

He was fined $500 and ordered by the court to pay $2,500 in restitution to the Nova Scotia SPCA.

He has also been banned from owning an animal for five years.

Daisy is currently in the Nova Scotia SPCA Foster Care Program but will be available for adoption soon.