The Colchester East Hants Health Authority is increasing its warning to patients who may have received incorrect test results because of an equipment failure.

The health authority said hundreds of patients from the Colchester Regional Hospital who were tested over a nine-day period should be retested after a piece of equipment failed. It's also warning some patients at the Lillian Fraser Memorial Hospital in Tatamagouche, and a satellite blood collection clinic.

The machine in question is a chemistry analyzer. It's used to measure blood glucose, creatinine, calcium and bilirubin levels.

Initially, the health authority said patients who were tested between June 4 and 6 may have received incorrect results.

Now, that is being expanded every patient who was tested on the machine between May 28 and June 6.

In a release, the health authority said it is trying to figure out the exact number of people affected. The initial warning included 363 patients.

The hospital said the results could be accurate, but it's being cautious. All patients included in the warning will receive letters from the hospital.

The health authority said anyone who is questioning their results should visit their doctor.