This sign is posted at the Wood Street entrance to Victoria Park in Truro. ((CBC))

The town council in Truro, N.S., is considering closing a street which leads to a park that the town's mayor has called a favourite pick-up spot for men.

On Monday, the town introduced a street closure policy for Wood Street, which leads to one entrance of Victoria Park. If the policy is approved, a gate would be placed on Wood Street to make the area less accessible by vehicles after dark.

Truro mayor Bill Mills added to the controversy when he told a local newspaper that the spot was a "favourite pick-up spot for guys from all over the Maritime provinces."

"They go up and have a rendezvous and then they go into the woods and do their thing. It's been known for years and years and is becoming more and more of a problem," Mills told The Truro Daily News.

The mayor did not return calls from CBC News on Wednesday.

Al McNutt, a gay rights activist who lives in Truro, said the mayor's comments do not reflect well on the town.

"Truro is being looked at by many, many communities as a very, very homophobic town," he said.

McNutt referred to an incident two years ago when the same council caused an uproar when it refused to allow the rainbow flag to be flown during gay pride activities in Pictou County.

At the time, Mills said he could not agree to raise the flag as a Christian.

Right now there are signs at the Wood Street entrance to Victoria Park prohibiting indecent behaviour, which is something Truro police Staff Sgt. Randy MacKenzie said he has received complaints about.

"The odd one is about a nude person observed up there and another person sitting in a vehicle with little or no clothes on," he said. McNutt said closing the street would not eliminate the issue.

"They're not gonna leave the park," he said. "They're just going to go elsewhere in the park. It's still going to happen in the park.

"So what is the town council going to do, close the park off to everyone?" he asked.

Town councillors will put the issue to a vote on Jan. 4.