Truckers upset with Marine Atlantic's fare increase

Truckers said a fare increase by Marine Atlantic will result in higher prices for consumers.

Extra cost will be passed on to consumers, drivers say

East coast truckers say a fare increase by Marine Atlantic will result in consumers paying higher prices for their goods.

The company has announced a four per cent rate increase for all passenger and commercial traffic.

Marine Atlantic said it's increasing its fares to offset rising operations costs.

The Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association said the increase will add $3.5 million to the cost of transporting goods to and from Newfoundland.

Jean Marc Picard, the executive director of the association, said that was bad news for consumers.

"Any kind of increase always has an impact — especially these days with fuel prices being up. And we got a significant increase from Marine Atlantic last year, so I guess we'll have to again find a way to work with this increase," he said.

Picard said Marine Atlantic already increased fares by four per cent and raised drop trailer rates by fifty dollars last year.

His members aren't happy with the increases.

"Obviously there was some disappointment. First and foremost, we had a pretty steep increase last year and second of all, the timing of it is pretty poor because of the service issues that we've endured in the past few months," he said.

Picard said  those service problems include long delays for both truckers and passengers over the last few months.