Overturned truck

Truck overturned near Burnside. Emergency crews investigate the hazardous material. (Stephanie van Kampen/CBC)

The Halifax fire department says the scene where a transport truck carrying toxic goods overturned in Dartmouth early Friday morning is no longer considered hazardous.

Police said the rig flipped just after 4:30 a.m. as it tried to turn from Highway 118 onto Akerley Boulevard.

Officers said the truck was carrying cleaning supplies like paint thinner. The chemicals, including acetone, oxygen and nitrogen, are highly flammable

"The truck has completely flipped on its roof, its wheels are sticking up into the air," described the CBC's Stephanie van Kampen from the scene.

"There are very strong fumes in the air."

Phil McNulty, a spokesman for Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency, said some material did spill on the ground, but there isn't a significant environmental impact. There are no waterways nearby.

Environment remediation crews and the shipping company will clean up the spill.

Police closed Exit 13A off the highway into Burnside as they investigated. They also shut down the outbound lane from Akerley Boulevard to the highway.

Paramedics checked and released the driver. Reporters were told to keep back because of the cargo.

The truck will eventually be towed.