Residents of a Cape Breton trailer park are threatening to picket the owner if he doesn't change his plans to evict all of the tenants. 

"This is our home. These people are multimillionaires, they don't care," said Evelyn MacRae, who lives in Troy Trailer Court. 

Troy Nova Scotia Ltd. issued letters indicating sewer and water services will be cut off as of June 11. 

'We'll picket Mother Webb's restaurant in Antigonish.' - Tenant Cindy Cudmore

MacRae says the park's owner has angered the residents.

"How would you feel? How can you sleep at night? Look what you are doing to us down here. You know, you're  a disgrace," she said. 

Company president John Webb says they can't afford to continue operating the park's water and sewage treatment plant. 

The environment minister says the department has been working with the owner for years to fix the problems, but he hasn't complied.

Landlords must give 12 months' notice

Catherine Corkum says she wants them fixed so she can stay in her home.

"Really, I don't think it's fair. Because we have a life here. I think they should fix what needs to be fixed and allow families continue to be families," she said. 

"Now we have to pack up and start over and I don't think it's fair to anybody."

Landlords must give 12 months' notice to tenants, according to the department of community services. It's not clear what punishment a landlord faces for ignoring that. 

Cindy Cudmore said if the owner turns the services off in six weeks, residents will demonstrate outside his business.

"We'll picket Mother Webb's restaurant in Antigonish. I will protest until he gets things right," she said. 

Residents from the park will meet with their MLA and councillor this weekend. They intend to appeal the evictions with the tenant board.

Many own their homes, but rent the land.