Tropical storm Gabrielle is following the predictions and is continuing to travel towards the Atlantic Provinces.

The Canadian Hurricane Centre says the current path of the storm will lead to eastern Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and Newfoundland on Friday. At that time, it could be a post-tropical storm.

Gabrielle is expected to hit a separate cold front, which is also expected Friday. The two systems could bring significant rainfall. Prince Edward Island could also be drenched, the forecast shows.

The hurricane centre said it will release rainfall predictions Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, CBC Meteorlogist Peter Coade is telling people who live in the region to be prepared. In Nova Scotia, he said Cumberland, Colchester, Guysborough, Halifax, East Hants and Cape Breton will feel the punch of the storm.

"At this time, it looks like a significant rain event, rather than a strong wind event," Coade said. He said people should be concerned about travel plans and possible localized flooding.

If the storm develops further, the hurricane center said the highest waves and wind would be felt in the southeastern Maritime and Newfoundland waters.

"Long story short, this storm still needs to be watched," said CBC Meteorologist Ryan Snoddon. "Even if Gabrielle does weaken and become a ‘remnant low’, it’s still set to bring that extra punch of moisture into the mix."

Gabrielle is currently northwest of Bermuda, with wind gusts of 83 km/h.