N.S. Premier Darrell Dexter announced the domestic violence action plan in 2010. (CBC)

Helen Morrison, the executive director of the Cape Breton Transition House in Sydney, says there's a need for more government funding to fight domestic abuse.

Morrison made the comment after a young Cape Breton youth was convicted yesterday of second-degree murder for killing his teenaged girlfriend.

Morrison said it is time for the Nova Scotia government to provide more money to educate young people about anger management and violence against women.

"As a community we are reaching out to our government and saying: more resources for the agencies and organizations that work to educate young children and adults about the issues of dating violence and/or violence in general," she said.

"This is something so important we can't turn our backs on it. And we need to do something about it because it's there and it's not going away unless we do something about it."

Morrison said more than 200 people turned out in July for a march urging the government to help fight the problem of domestic volence.

The Nova Scotia government released a domestic violence action plan in December 2010. It included an $800,000 per year pilot program based in Sydney to increase support for victims and rehabilitation services for offenders.

At the time, Morrison pointed out that domestic violence is a big problem in Cape Breton, and that 11 women in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality had died in the previous 10 years.