A New Waterford, N.S., couple who have been waiting months for a refund from an New Brunswick tour company have their money back.

Sharon and Brian McDougall paid Tranquility Tours $5,390 last October for a bus tour to Nashville. The company cancelled the tour because there weren't enough passengers.

The McDougalls tried repeatedly to get a refund but were given a number of excuses as to why their refund was delayed.

Among them, Tranquility Tours owner Sherry Currie told the couple she was waiting for refunds for bookings she'd made for the trip.

Currie did send them a cheque earlier this year, but it was stale-dated to February 2014 and could not be cashed.

Currie said it was a "stupid clerical error" and apologized for the delay.

After CBC aired the McDougall's story, Currie sent them another cheque with interest which has been cashed.

The couple says they're happy to have their money back.