Mike Smith, the actor who plays Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys, is disputing allegations against him related to a misdemeanour domestic battery charge.

Smith, 43, was arrested in Los Angeles early Friday morning at 1:15 local time, Los Angeles Police Department officer Matthew Ludwig said Friday night.

The incident is alleged to have taken place in the Roosevelt Hotel, another LAPD officer said late Saturday.

Smith was released on $20,000 US bail four hours later, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. 

'At no time did I assault her'

In a statement released by Trailer Park Boys on Saturday afternoon, Smith and Georgia Ling, the alleged victim, said they are friends who had an argument. 

"Georgia is a friend of mine and we had a loud and heated dispute," Smith said in the statement. "That is all. At no time did I assault her. I am not guilty of the misdemeanour charged against me."

Ling, the woman who the statement identifies as the victim, said someone who overheard the argument called police.

"Mike and I did indeed have a heavy argument, but it saddens me the way things are being reported and the way it was handled by the police," Ling said in the statement.

"At no point did I feel I was in danger, otherwise I would've called the police myself, which I did not. The police were called by others not present in the room who mistakenly perceived the argument to be something other than what it was. When the officers arrived, I tried to assure them there was no real issue, but they proceeded to arrest Mike."

The statement said the other Trailer Park Boys members and staff stand behind Smith.

Smith's manager Louis Thomas said by email later Saturday afternoon that the statement of support only represented the show's three main characters, not other cast.

Roosevelt Hotel

Smith was arrested early Friday at the Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. He acknowledges having a heated argument with a woman but says people who overheard it, but didn't witness it, misunderstood what was happening. (Zulekha Nathoo/CBC)

Cast member quits

Cast member Lucy DeCoutere, who plays Lucy, resigned from the show Saturday, saying on Twitter it was because of the allegations against Smith. She later deleted that tweet. 

Smith is scheduled to appear in court on April 29. 

Trailer Park Boys is a popular television show filmed in Nova Scotia that made its debut on Netflix with Season 8.

With files from Zulekha Nathoo