As organizers complete the 60,000-seat outdoor venue for Paul McCartney's show at the Halifax Commons on Saturday, they're warning concert-goers to leave their cars at home because of a major bridge closure.


Paul McCartney greets fans at the start of his concert last July in Quebec City. He will play in Halifax on Saturday.

The event will be the former Beatle's only Canadian concert date this year, and organizers worked feverishly to prepare the site for the one-night event.

The concert area will be open-air, leading to concerns all week that rain or fog might put a damper on the fun.

But with the forecast now calling for a high of 23 degrees and clear skies, it's the potential traffic chaos that has some people worried.

The Angus L. MacDonald Bridge linking Dartmouth with Halifax will be closed leading up to what's likely to be the busiest event of Halifax's summer. The approaches to the bridge need repaving, and the work is being done overnight and on weekends.

The Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission scheduled the work before knowing about the concert. CEO Steve Snyder said that despite the potential for major traffic snags, the commission just can't afford to lose any more construction time.

As a result, concert organizers are urging show-goers to leave their cars at home if possible.

Metro Transit will operate shuttle buses that will stop right beside the Commons. The buses will leave every 10 minutes starting at 12:30 p.m. from four locations: Lacewood Terminal, Sackville Terminal, South Centre Mall and Portland Hills.

The harbour ferry is another option. It will run every 15 minutes until 12:45 a.m. Sunday.  

There will be no special provisions for parking, police say. In fact, parking will be off-limits in the areas immediately surrounding the Commons along Robie, Cogswell, Cunard and North Park streets.

The park is set to open at 3 p.m. McCartney is slated to start playing between 8:45 and 9:30.