Town of Hantsport to dissolve

The mayor and council in the town of Hantsport in Hants County decided Wednesday they will dissolve.

This will be the third town in Nova Scotia to dissolve in five weeks after Bridgetown and Springhill

Hantsport will have one year to join the municipality of West Hants or Kings. (Paul Palmeter/CBC)

At a special council meeting Wednesday night in Hantsport, town councillors supported a motion to dissolve the town.

Hantsport is the third town to do so in five weeks after Bridgetown and Springhill.

The motion to dissolve was carried by a six to one vote. After a half hour discussion, councillors voted on the motion.

Hantsport will have one year to join the municipality of either West Hants or Kings.

The town lost two major employers in recent years leaving their tax base a million dollars short from what it was in the past. 

The Fundy Gypsum mine announced its permanent closure in November 2011 followed a year later by Minas Basin Pulp and Power.

"Unfortunately given the current structure of how towns and municipalities are run, this in my opinion and in council's tonight, was our only option," said Mayor Robbie Zwicker.

Town resident Richard Fuchs says dissolving was the right move.

"I think council made a forward-looking, important decision, that will be strategic for this town," he said.

Sally Zamore says the move to dissolve happened too quickly.

"We should have been given more time to absorb what is happening to us. We were given just one to two weeks' notice and then all of a sudden the word dissolution and it's a fait accompli, it's voted on and it's done."

A thriving town dating back to 1895, it will now dissolve on the 120th anniversary of its incorporation.