Time-travelling steampunks are heading to the past future this weekend in Sherbrooke Village, N.S.

Steampunks explore retro science fiction, an imagined future powered by Victorian technology. Halifax’s own Jules Verne Fantastical Society will join the gathering at the historical eastern shore living museum.

The “punk” refers to rebellious people and “steam” to the dominant power source of the 1800s. Some fans have created steam-powered cell phones, for example.

Andrew Aulenbeck is helping organize the Time Traveller's Reunion this weekend. The society shares a love of steampunk books and clothes.

“Industrial revolution science fiction seems to be a good working definition,” he says. “Playing dress up is a way of showing off what stories you love.”

Aulenbeck dresses in steampunk most of the time. “It’s the question of artisanal craftsmanship versus industrial construction,” he said.

Goggles and ray guns are always popular, along with bowler hats, tailored clothing and leather. Many are inspired by particular stories.

He compares the clothing to the same strangeness that possesses some people to wear baseball hats and jerseys, despite not actually being signed to the Toronto Blue Jays.

The weekend will have lots of steam punks, a costume award, toys, furniture, story writing and more.

They’ll take advantage of Sherbrooke Village to learn about the birth of photography and cinema, along with the end of blacksmithing and other trades from a lost era.