Candidates in the newly-created district of Sydney-Whitney Pier are trying to canvass as many homes as they can before the Oct. 8 election, in a race some political scientists say is too close to predict.

The riding was recently formed after an electoral boundary changes in 2012.

Three candidates are facing off in district, which was formed when the provincial electoral district boundaries were redrawn last year: Gordie Gosse for the New Democratic Party, Derek Mombourquette for the Liberal Party and Leslie MacPhee for the Progressive Conservative Party.


Gordie Gosse is the NDP candidate for Sydney-Whitney Pier (Nova Scotia NDP)

Gosse is a lifelong resident of Whitney Pier and he's been an MLA since 2003.

"I've never been a person that put any emphasis on being a New Democrat, a Liberal or a Tory. I've always opened my doors to anybody," said Gosse.

In 2009, Gosse received more than 70 per cent of the votes. When the riding were redrawn, Sydney-Whitney Pier took in much of what used to be Cape Breton South.

For decades, Cape Breton South was solid Liberal territory.


Derek Mombourquette is the Liberal candidate for Sydney-Whitney Pier. (Nova Scotia Liberal Party)

Mombourquette, a former municipal councillor, believes he has a good chance of winning the new riding.

"I think and I believe that the Liberals have a plan and I believe that I have a vision and a plan for the community that will roll out through the campaign," he said. "I think people have a choice to make."

The Progressive Conservatives have traditionally trailed in third place in the area.


Leslie MacPhee is the PC candidate for Sydney-Whitney Pier. (PC Party of Nova Scotia)

MacPhee, a political newcomer, has been involved with numerous volunteer groups and charities. She's also recently worked with Women Unlimited, a program that encourages women to explore careers in science, trades and technology. 

She isn't letting the competition deter her.

"Just because you have some experience doesn't mean you're the right person for the job. I'm the one that's going to be the advocate for Sydney-Whitney Pier and I'm going to be the one raising my voice and being heard for the people here," said MacPhee.