Thieves stole a safe containing the payroll for intellectually challenged workers in Windsor, N.S., Wednesday night.

They also stole and then torched a truck the vocational training centre needs for pick up and delivery. The shell of the truck was found a few communities away in Stanley, N.S.

The New Boundaries training centre runs a wood working shop, an electronics recycling depot, and operates a used-clothing store for intellectually challenged workers.

Cindy Cruthers runs the centre and says the workers will be paid.

"There is always a worry that that money won't be there, so this has made that worry real for them. And it can cause some real anxiety and stress," she said.

Since the truck was an essential piece of equipment, Cruthers says the centre will have to raise money to buy another truck.

"It had been burned to the shell with barely anything to identify it. They were able to get the license plate off it and that's how they traced it back to us," she said.

The police could not be reached for comment.