Terence Bay residents are working to save both the lighthouse and public access to the land around it. (lighthousefriends.com)

Halifax Regional Council is backing the efforts of Terence Bay residents to save the community's lighthouse.

The lighthouse was built 108 years ago after the shipwreck of the luxury steamship "SS Atlantic."

The April 1873 wreck was the worst marine, single-vessel disaster off the Canadian Coast, prior to the sinking of the Titanic. 562 people died.

While the light is still needed, the federal government has declared the lighthouse itself surplus.

Michelle Forrest is a member of the local committee working on a plan to take over the lighthouse.

"The maintenance part of it is probably not going to be that terribly expensive year by  year, but what we would like to do is put the original top back on the lighthouse. They took the original tops off many of these lighthouses," said Forrest.

Pam Corell, who lives near the landmark, said the community also needs official access to the property because it's the only way to get to a small beach and nearby walking paths.

"If they don't — what will happen? It'll be a domino effect of things being taken away from us, so its crucial," said Corell.

Halifax Regional Council recently agreed to write a letter to the federal government  supporting the community's goals, not only to preserve the lighthouse, but to retain access to the land around it.