Jordan Davidson

Jordan Davidson said hockey parents are getting out of control. (CBC)

A 16-year-old hockey referee wants a father kept off the St. Margarets Bay rink, claiming the man threatened him after he made an unpopular call during a game last week.

"Some of the parents are getting way too involved when they don't have to," said Jordan Davidson.

The referee said one parent cornered him off the ice after the game. He said the parent took his picture and told him was going to post it with the caption, "Worst ref ever."

"If it's not a bad call, then the parents don't have the right to get involved," he said.

Jordan's mom Michelle said parents' offside behaviour should be a major penalty.

"Never would I expect somebody to approach a ref off the ice, especially a teenager," she said.

The TASA Minor Hockey Association is investigating. They said the parent has been identified and he could be banned from the rink.

As of 2012, parents and volunteers in Nova Scotia's minor hockey system have to take an online course about respect or their children can't play the sport.

At least one parent of every child between the ages of four and eight must take a $12 version of the course.