A handful of teenage girls are organizing a protest outside a Victoria's Secret in Halifax hoping to spark a debate about how the store portrays women’s bodies to young shoppers.

Jacqueline Jordan, 18, said she feels the lingerie store’s ads and clothing put pressure on young girls.

"With the Pink line specifically, I've noticed when you go into the store you don't see as many college-aged girls, which is around the age that Victoria's Secret says their product are for. You see girls 15 and younger in there," she said.


Jacqueline Jordan, 18, claims Victoria Secret pressures young girls. (CBC)


"For a while I struggled with my body image and I was envious of what the girls in the posters looked like, and I wanted to look like that. It's not a healthy standard."

Jordan said friends have joined in on her protest.

"I think that's very inappropriate if my 12-year-old cousin started wearing underwear that says ‘I dare you," said 17-year-old Meredith Ivany.

A Victoria's Secret spokesperson told CBC News their youngest target demographic is women over 18. The store said it has never intended to market to a pre-teen crowd.

Jordan said from what she's observed, the pressure begins as early as junior high.

"Twelve to 13 years of age, and that's very dangerous. Because when you're 12 to 13, you're trying very hard to fit in," she said.

The protest will take place on Sunday outside the Halifax Shopping Centre.