The coyote was frightened off by a car horn. (istock)

A 16-year-old girl was knocked to the ground by an aggressive coyote last Friday, Sept. 14, according to a statement from the Department of Natural Resources.

The girl was on a rail line near the school when she was struck from behind. The release said the coyote was frightened off by a car that sounded its horn. The girl was scratched on her face by the animal.

The incident was reported to the department earlier this week.

Now the department has called in a trained trapper. It's also working with school officials to teach staff, parents and students how to deal with coyotes.

In the release, Natural Resources Minister Charlie Parker said it is a serious incident.

"We will continue to investigate and keep residents in the area aware of our activities," said Parker.

The government is recommending that people use the acronym BAM if they come across an aggressive coyote. BAM stands for back away, act big and make noise.

In May, a 14-year-old boy was attacked by an aggressive coyote in the Westmount area of Cape Breton.