Halifax Regional Police say two people have been arrested after a Halifax cab driver was threatened and had his taxi stolen early Thursday morning. 

Police say the cab driver was transporting two passengers on Young Avenue where it meets South Park Street when they threatened him. The passengers allegedly said they would beat him if he didn't give them the keys to the cab.

The driver jumped out and the suspects drove away in the cab. 

Sgt. Kevin McNeil says police found the taxi on Olivet Street around 2 a.m., where the two suspects — a male and a female — fled on foot.

The taxi driver was not injured.

Police executed a search warrant at an apartment on Olivet Street and arrested a 31-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman in relation to the robbery. They are in custody and no charges have been laid. 

"This particular type of incident is fairly rare. ... Taxi drivers may get threatened for money or whatever but not to actually take the cab on them," said McNeil.