Yarmouth will violate building restrictions on the site of a former school, despite the mayor signing a petition against such a move. 

When the Milton Elementary School was closed and deemed beyond repair in 2008, residents fought to have half the property designated as a park and the rest reserved for single-family homes.

But the Nova Scotia town's council now says duplexes are permitted on the site.

Resident Doris Powell said it's the wrong decision.

"Everyone here is livid and they know that those types of property do not belong on this property," said Powell. 

"You have a potential tax revolt here over a piece of land that is very small, but yet has huge significance to the people of Milton. We fought for it, we thought we had it, and now I guess all bets are off."

Property wasn't selling

Powell said Yarmouth had reneged on a promise it made in 2008. More than 1,200 people signed a petition against a bigger development at the time. 

"A lot of people I talk to are as mad as hornets," she added. 

Pam Mood, Yarmouth's mayor, said she signed the petition as a private citizen in 2008. But, she argued, the property wasn't selling and council needs revenues. 

"There was just absolutely no one in five years even biting on it. You have to think about, what is the market?" Mood said. 

John Daley is developing the land. "It's very likely we'll be building duplexes there," he said.