Competition for your grocery dollars is about to get a whole lot tougher.

Starting July 29, Target will match grocery prices from any other store in Canada. That means you can take a flyer from a grocery store in Moncton and your Halifax Target will match the produce price.

The program will let customers use online retailers and digital flyers, too. It could mean big savings.

Coupon expert Gail Quigley says a bit of online research can save $100 a month for savvy shoppers.

“You connect yourself online to various coupons on Facebook and different sites. We all take pieces of it and share that information. With the internet it's so much easier and takes a fraction of the time,” she said.

Target didn’t say how long it will run the offer.

Walmart will be sticking to its local matching policy, said Alex Roberton, the company’s director of corporate affairs in Canada.

“We’ll ad-match with online flyers from other local merchants and as well using their printed flyers,” he said.

For online prices, you’ll need to bring it in on a mobile device, or print it out.

“Local” is a loose term and it’s up to each store to decide if the rival deal is local to that store.


  • Target Canada has clarified the major policy change on price matching. Starting Tuesday, consumers can present digital flyers only from selected online Canadian retailers and Target will match that price, confirms Lisa Gibson, spokesperson for Target Canada. Those retailers include,,,,,, and Target will also match any other retailers advertising in the local area.
    Jul 29, 2014 11:50 AM AT