Teagan Webb, an eight-year-old girl from Windsor, is among Linda Buchanan's alleged fraud victims. (CBC)

The head of a Halifax modelling agency has been arraigned on 18 charges of fraud and breaching probation.

Linda Buchanan, the head of Strut International Model & Talent Agency, is accused of defrauding nine people. She's facing nine counts each of fraud under $5,000 and breaching probation.

Buchanan appeared in Halifax provincial court on Tuesday without a lawyer and told the judge she has an appointment with one later in the week.

The case has been put over until Jan. 25.

Teagan Webb, an eight-year-old girl from Windsor, is among Buchanan's alleged victims. The girl was promised hundreds of dollars for appearing in a Government of Canada advertisement in 2010.

"I just felt weird seeing her again," Teagan told reporters outside the courtroom.

Tom Webb, Teagan's father, said they have been trying for a year to get the money from Buchanan and her company. He was able to establish that Buchanan was paid for Teagan's work, but he said none of that money has made it to his daughter.

"I was starting to think Linda wouldn't show up but it was nice that she did and that it looks like it's going to proceed quicker than I actually thought," Webb said on Tuesday.

He said he plans to attend court for Buchanan's next appearance.

Angela Campagnoni, the director of City Models, was also at Buchanan's court appearance and said she's worried about how the case will reflect on the industry.

"The modelling industry always has a bad reputation for different areas, for this type of thing happening," Campagnoni told CBC News.

"When it does happen in such a smaller city, when you're working so hard to keep it reputable, it makes it tough for everybody else out there that is in this industry to prove that there are reputable and legitimate people out there."