A Dartmouth, N.S., woman whose Easter decorations drew a snub asking her to not degrade the neighbourhood has decked her home in red and white for Canada Day — and she says most of the community is backing her.

Lori Perron converted red-and-white Christmas lights into patriotic illumination and hung the maple leaf flag from windows, decks and poles. She's even planted it in her garden.

'It upset me at first, but it empowered me to go: Whatever. We're still going to do it.' —Lori Perron

"It's just done in fun. It's not done to offend anyone. We should all celebrate that we're Canadians," she said Saturday.

Her exuberant Easter decorations caught a lot of attention.

It also drew a letter saying: "The community asks that you do not demoralize our subdivision and street with yet again, your very tacky decorations. Halloween and Christmas was enough. Perhaps you should consider that this area is a step above you."

Canada Day cookies

The media coverage of her ordeal went viral, including articles in the U.S.

"It upset me at first, but it empowered me to go: 'Whatever. We're still going to do it,'" Perron said. "I don't think we're beneath this neighbourhood, as someone thinks we are."

Perron said her neighbours have been "99 per cent great" and showing support with waves, horn honking and positive feedback. The anonymous letter writer has not voiced an opinion on the Canada Day decorations.

Perron, her husband and their children plan to bake Canada Day cookies and hand them out on July 1.

The Perrons' next plan is to dress up their house for Aug. 4 — though she's not sure how you decorate for Natal Day.