Cape Breton labour leaders want a meeting with the province’s new transportation minister, and are urging the government to insist construction projects in Nova Scotia hire local people.

This comes as unionized workers protested for a second day outside a Sydney River bridge project, furious that non-union labour from New Brunswick is working on the site.

Union leaders have now headed to Halifax where they hope to meet with Geoff MacLellan, who was just sworn in as transportation minister this week.

On Tuesday about 100 union protesters stormed the work site, ejecting the out-of-province workers.

A court injunction ordered the protesters from Labourers International Union, Local 11-15 not to enter the construction zone again.

About 50 people showed up Wednesday outside the gates. They were met with a row of police officers; after police moved aside, the protesters stepped back, as well.

But some called Nova Scotia’s labour department to complain that construction company Caldwell and Ross Ltd. is violating safety regulations.

That brought inspectors to the site, but no problems were found.

“The concerns that were expressed were checked and there were no violations observed by the officers so there were no specific orders issued today,” said Pat Murphy, the regional manager of occupational safety.