Wayne Heffernan says it's time for a change. (Wendy Martin/CBC)

Penney's Dry Cleaners in Sydney is closing down this weekend, citing a change of the times.

The store on Upper Prince Street opened in 1953. It's been in the hands of Wayne Heffernan for the last three decades.

Heffernan says much has changed over the years. For one thing, people don't make regular visits anymore.

"Back then everybody dressed up for mass and funerals and church. But it's not that way anymore. It's more casual," he told CBC News.

Heffernan said the arrival of discount clothing stores also influenced his decision to close.

"Some of the stores sell the clothes cheaper than I can clean it. But you know, if you're paying $5 for something, you can't expect it to last for a couple of years."

Pat Wilson has been a loyal customer for 20 years.

"For me, it's a convenience thing. I can drop it off with Wayne, in a couple of days everything is ready to go," said Wilson, leaving with an armload of clean shirts.

But Heffernan isn't leaving the dry cleaning business entirely.

He is selling his equipment to Vogue Cleaners, which will soon own all six dry cleaning outlets in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. He has also accepted a job with them.