Sydney Chase the Ace event jackpot nears $200K

The Chase the Ace event happening in Sydney could soon find itself in pretty good company if sales continue the way they have been going.

15 cards remain in the deck and organizers say ticket sales are on par with what happened in Inverness

Ernest Green of Little Bras d'Or took home almost $32,000 at Saturday's Sydney Chase the Ace. (Horizon Achievement Centre/Facebook)

The Chase the Ace event happening in Sydney could soon find itself in pretty good company if sales continue the way they have been going.

"In comparison to Inverness, we're very much on par with where sales were at this point and as well as where the amount of momentum was at this stage of the draw," said Stephen Tobin, the business development manager with the Horizon Achievement Centre.

The winner of the Inverness Chase the Ace took home more than $1.7 million, while the two organizations that put on the event each pocketed about $1.2 million before costs.

The money raised from the Sydney Chase the Ace will be shared between the Horizon Achievement Centre, an organization that provides training and employment services for adults with mental disabilities, and the Ashby legion.

Jackpot nearing $200K

After Saturday's draw, 15 cards remain and the jackpot is now estimated at $190,000. Before yesterday's ticket sales started, the jackpot was $112,760.

Tobin says organizers have had talks with the officials from the Inverness Chase the Ace and learned that when the jackpot hits $100,000, it's a real tipping point.

"People really start paying attention at that point," he said.

Tobin is surprised by the success of the event given it is now the middle of winter.

"The draw is not really conducive to people lining up outside or standing outside," he said.

For this reason, an emphasis has been placed on having multiple venues from where people can watch the day's festivities. 

The event can be taken in at the Ashby legion, Horizon Achievement Centre, the Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion and the St. Theresa's Parish Centre. While the draw itself is taking place at the legion, there are video screens at the other venues showing a live feed of the action.

There is even a livestream option so that people can watch the event from home.

"It gives people a chance to feel interactive and feel like they're part of the draw," said Tobin.

The next draw will take place on Saturday and ticket sales will take place between 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., with the draw happening at 6 p.m.


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