Chase the Ace Sydney being livestreamed by organizers

Organizers behind the Chase the Act event happening in Sydney on Saturday will be live streaming it from the event's official website.

The jackpot was sitting at more than $110,000 before ticket sales started at 2 p.m. today

There were 16 cards left before the start of Saturday's Chase the Ace in Sydney. (YouTube)

Organizers behind a Chase the Act event happening in Sydney on Saturday will be live streaming it from the event's official website.

With 16 cards remaining, the jackpot was sitting at $112,760 in advance of the 2 p.m. start time for today's event.

"We've been getting calls from everywhere," said John MacInnis, president of the Ashby legion.

The event will be streamed at and on YouTube. In recent weeks, the event was streamed through an app, but there was a major glitch last weekend.

"It went down just as we had to draw. It worked perfectly all afternoon," said MacInnis.

The event has been growing in popularity and all three of last week's venues were jam packed, said MacInnis. Between the Ashby legion, Horizon Achievement Centre and the St. Theresa's Parish Centre, more than 1,000 people were present.

For that reason, the Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion was added as a fourth venue today and it has a capacity of around 1,000 people.

The money raised from Chase the Ace will be shared between the Ashby legion and the Horizon Achievement Centre, an organization that provides training and employment services for adults with mental disabilities.

"They'd like to accommodate another 100 clients, but they don't have the space," said MacInnis.

This incarnation of Chase the Ace began last May.


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