Sydney businessman charged in fatal crash

Parker Rudderham, a prominent businessman in Sydney, has been charged in connection with the traffic death of a motorcyclist last month.

One of Parker Rudderham's companies also fined by Canada Revenue Agency

Parker Rudderham, a prominent businessman in Sydney, has been charged in connection with the traffic death of a motorcyclist last month.

Rudderham, 57, has been charged with failing to operate a motor vehicle in a safe and prudent manner, according to the Cape Breton Regional Police.

John MacLeod MacDonald, of Sydney, died when his motorcycle was struck by a sport utility vehicle. The collision occurred near Kyte's Hill on Grand Lake Road in Sydney on Sept. 14.

MacDonald was 67 years old.

The penalty for a conviction of failing to operate a vehicle with care is a $399.91 fine and demerit points. The case will only go to court if Rudderham contests the ticket.

Rudderham owns Amedeo's Italian Bistro in Sydney, Frank Magazine and is also the principal shareholder of a pharmacy wholesale company called Professional Pharmacy Wholesale Services Ltd.

On Tuesday, the company pleaded guilty to a count of tax evasion in a Quebec court, according to a Canada Revenue Agency news release.

The company was fined $325,000. In addition to the fine, Professional Pharmacy Wholesale Services Ltd. will also have to pay the full amount of tax owing, plus related interest and any administrative penalties that apply.

The Canada Revenue Agency said Rudderham's firm "used false invoices for studies in the name of four suppliers." The names of three of them — one former lawyer from Nova Scotia and two companies from China — were used without their knowledge.

"A fourth name was that of another company incorporated by Mr. Rudderham," the Canada Revenue Agency said in a release.