A Halifax woman is hoping the power of social media will bring her seven-month-old black cat ‘Meow-Meow’ home for the holidays.

Meow-Meow went missing Sunday evening, wearing a festive red sweater with the Peanuts’ character Snoopy on the back. He’s all-black with a few white hairs underneath his chin.

Meow-Meow was last seen in the area of North and Clifton streets. 

“We just ran outside to turn off the Christmas lights two nights ago and he must have snuck out and we haven’t seen him for two nights,” said owner Chantelle Rideout.

She’s especially worried because Meow-Meow is an indoor cat.

“We’re hoping, a little bit, for a Christmas miracle and that he makes it home by Christmas,” said Rideout.

In terms of Meow-Meow’s festive Christmas sweater, Rideout said it’s not his only outfit.

“We just bought him a couple of shirts and people said he probably wouldn't like them but he at least doesn’t seem to mind them. He always has one on,” she said.

Rideout said he’s a "snuggly little guy" and likes people but when he’s outside on the porch, he gets spooked easily.