An East Uniacke man is back on the road after winning a long fight to renew his licence, changing the rules for all Nova Scotia drivers in the process.

"I am ecstatic about getting my driver's license back," said Lee Wilbur holding up the plastic card.

He was able to get his licence earlier this week after being suspended for over two years based on a traffic dispute and the other driver's version of events.

In 2011, Wilbur said a woman talking on her cell phone cut him off while he was driving last summer. Wilbur admitted he tailgated her and shined his high beams into her rear-view mirror.

Four months later, he was issued a ticket for failing to remain at the scene of an accident. His driver's licence was revoked. Wilbur was never convicted.


Lee Wilbur holds up his new license. (CBC)


When he appealed, he faced the same people who took his licence away in the first place.

They demanded a psychiatric assessment and driver training before they'd consider giving him back his licence.

Wilbur's fight with the Registry of Motor Vehicles prompted the province to set up an independent appeal board last fall.

Despite paying $10,000 in legal fees, Wilbur said he feels vindicated.