A small group of surfers from the Halifax area are heading to New York to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy, which ripped through the Eastern Seaboard last month.

Chris Smith, a local surfer, said a premier surfing community on Long Island known as Rockaway Beach was one of the most badly-damaged areas by the hurricane.

"They've been hit really, really hard in that area and it's kind of fallen off the radar down there," he told CBC News.

"Just through that information we just thought this would be a good little road trip."

After Smith read in a magazine that surfers were some of the first responders to the disaster after it hit Long Island, he said he knew he had to help.

Smith, his son and two others will start on an 18-hour drive Thursday night to help in the cleanup efforts and they're inviting people to help by donating shovels, sledge hammers, crowbars and money.

"Cash would be the preferable one," said Smith.

"If we all of a sudden get 300 shovels I'm in trouble because I don't have the space."

Donations can be made to a number of locations around the city, including surf shops and the Jamieson's Irish House and Grill in Cole Harbour.