Superheroes fight grime at IWK Health Centre in Halifax

Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Robin took time out of their superhero schedules to wash the windows of the IWK Health Centre in Halifax on Wednesday.

Window cleaners don special outfits to delight young patients

Some very special visitors came to wash the windows at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax. 1:03

Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Robin took time out of their superhero schedules to fight crime — sorry, grime — at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax on Wednesday.

Young patients gathered and cheered when the superheroes scaled the wall and cleaned the windows.

Superman — also known as Chad Ingraham — said he would normally fly for a job like this, but provincial safety regulations require the use of a harness.

All four heroes work for Skyreach Properties Services and regularly clean the IWK windows. The idea to super size it came from Batman, also known as Loran Ashley. 

It's a humid day, that's for sure. We're definitely sweating.- Spiderman

"We did some shopping around. There aren't a whole lot of places, other than during Halloween time, to get good costumes. But we found a good one in Sackville," he said.

Batman was accompanied by Robin, who sometimes goes by the name Mark Snaglewsky.

The superheroes said window cleaning was a worthy diversion. Kids lying in bed sat up and smiled when they saw the masked men sliding down the wall.

Robin said he had a different experience.

Spiderman, Superman, Robin and Batman say they plan to be back washing windows at the IWK Health Centre unless they're called away to save the world. (Jack Julian/CBC)

"All I got was hecklers," Snaglewsky said as the other superheros laughed. "Robin! You're not a real superhero."

The layers of spandex amplified the day's heat.

"It's a humid day, that's for sure. We're definitely sweating," said Spiderman, also known as Tyler Shepley.

Jennifer Galliot said her kids, especially three-year-old Corey, appreciate the effort.

"Oh, he was so excited. They're his heroes. He dresses up as Batman and Superman and Spiderman every day. Ironically, I took his costume off right before we came down. But every day he has his costume on," she said.

The IWK Health Centre invited the superhero window cleaners to return next summer. Barring villainous plots to overthrow the world, the four plan to be back.