A vintage sailboat that was sitting at the bottom of Halifax's Northwest Arm for months is now up for sale.  

Michele Peveril, spokeswoman for the Halifax Port Authority, said the port is not usually in the business of selling shipwrecks.

"This is a bit of an unusual situation," said Peveril. "It's not very often that we're dealing with, basically, somebody else's private asset or somebody else's private property that's really been abandoned and then becomes an issue."

It has been a long journey for The Rascal. The once fine sailboat was abandoned years ago in the Northwest Arm, then sank over the summer.

It remained at the bottom of the harbour until last month, when the Halifax Port Authority hired a salvage company to raise it.  

The vessel now rests at a spot between the Cunard Centre and the container ports in Halifax.

It has been appraised, but Peveril will not say for how much.

"At this point we're not sure who may bid on vessel or for what reason," she said. "Because it is in a deteriorated state, we don't know what people's plans may be."

The successful buyer will also have to pay to haul it away.  

Stephen Dunsworth, who sells sailing gear and accessories near the Northwest Arm, said the purchase could be worth it for some people.

"The value for the boat as a sailboat is probably not all that great," said Dunsworth.

"There's probably a lot of work that has to be done to it. But as something that can be salvaged, there are a lot of components on the boat — that could be brass fittings, old mahogany that could be a lot of value to collectors, antique stores — stuff like that."

Prospective buyers have until Nov. 23 to make an offer on The Rascal. Peveril said the Halifax Port Authority has already heard from people interested.