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JRCC coordinated the rescue with another nearby fishing vessel, the Ocean Concord. (Twitter/@JTFAtlantic)

The employer of four fishermen rescued off Sable Island early yesterday morning says it's not clear yet why the vessel ran into trouble.

The F.V. Gentle Lady went to the bottom in light seas around 4 a.m. on Sunday, about 70 nautical miles east of Sable Island.

The crew was picked up by another fishing vessel, then brought to Louisbourg by the Coast Guard.

Thomas Grover, of WT Grover Fisheries in Canso, drove there to pick up the men.

He said there was water on the deck and the crew couldn’t do anything — that’s when they decided to abandon ship.

“When they realized things were at a point that there was nothing else they could do, their training comes into effect, they don't even think about it. They went, they got their gear, and they got their survival gear. And then the captain made the call, they deployed the life raft and shortly thereafter, they made the call to abandon ship and they all got in and, thankfully, got in safely,” Grover said.

“It’s always a risky operation.”

Grover called the fishermen's families early Sunday morning. They are now resting at home.

“They were all in good cheer,” he said.

He said they will be interviewed shortly to try to find out what led to the sinking.