East Hants RCMP have charged a fourth man with stunting during a funeral procession for a friend last week in Enfield, N.S., and more charges are expected.

RCMP previously charged three other people after some mourners in the procession tore down a highway lined with people while doing doughnuts, which left thick smoke in the air, black skid marks on the road and sent rocks and debris flying.

"I think it's important to point out that there was a daycare, a group of children, who were walking along at the time when this happened and we did speak with people from that daycare and they were fearful for the sake of the children because of the noise, because of the smoke and the potential of flying debris striking one of the children," said RCMP Sgt. Dwayne Kelly.

Complaints of unlicensed vehicles

East Hants RCMP responded to complaints last Thursday morning of several unlicensed off-road vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles and stock race cars.

Police originally said up to 25 drivers squealed their tires on the pavement.

On Wednesday, Kelly said that number came from an initial assessment at the chaotic scene, but the actual number was about 10 to 15 drivers, which he said represented a "very small number" of the people who participated in the procession.

Using social media to identify drivers

RCMP have identified drivers responsible for the burnouts by viewing video and photos posted on social media.

"Each person that we can identify that was operating a vehicle in a reckless or imprudent manner is going to be charged with stunting," said Kelly.

Police expect to lay more charges in the coming days.

RCMP cruiser bumped into vehicle

Adding to the chaos that day, an RCMP officer failed to put her police cruiser into park on the shoulder of the highway and her car slowly rolled back into another vehicle when she exited the vehicle.

The bump caused minor damage to the second vehicle, police said.

Skids marks from burnouts in Enfield

These skid marks were left after drivers did burnouts during a funeral procession for Christopher "Kipper" McCulloch on Highway 2 in Enfield last Thursday. (RCMP)

"There were suggestions on social media that the officer left the scene. That is totally incorrect," said Kelly. "The officer and the owner of the vehicle exchanged information at the scene."

An independent review into the cause of the accident is underway.

The four accused will appear in Shubenacadie provincial court in October.