A man in Southwest Margaree, N.S., says he got a "rude shock" when he was told his fire insurance will not cover the loss of his hay barn and garage.

The fire started in the barn and spread to the workshop garage last week. Two other outbuildings were damaged.

Bob Peters said he took some comfort in knowing he had insurance, but the day after the fire he found out his policy doesn’t cover the loss.

Peters said he was careful when he bought the insurance policy to know exactly what it covered.

"Study the policy as best you can and try and figure out in your head what scenarios could happen and if you would be covered by any of those scenarios," he said.

"As a matter of fact, we're going through our policy now and we see that it's in black and white that it should be covered."

He said he’ll fight the denial.

In the meantime Peters said his family has been sustained by the community.

"Not to mention the fire department. I think we had five separate fire departments here with probably 50 men working at their utmost to save what was left. There's been a website set up and people are donating money. Some people we don't even know have been sending us money. Yeah, we're very lucky in that respect," he said.

Peters said he plans to take his case to Nova Scotia's Office of the Superintendent for Insurance.