Nothing says September in Halifax like an abandoned foosball table.

As university students return to the city and start moving into new places, unwanted items make their way to the curbs. The foosball table was snapped up by two Dalhousie University students.

Police are also embracing the return to studies with the annual Operation Fall Back, a campaign to urge students to be good neighbours by curbing noise pollution, public intoxication and property damage.

George Kovacs lives on Edward Street, which is popular with students. He’s encountered problems over the years, but now hands out pamphlets to connect with the new students.

“It's year to year, block by block,” he said. “Last year, the south end of the street was stressed.”

He hopes for good relationships with students this year. 

The CBC's Richard Cuthbertson checked out some of the curb-side offerings on Monday: