Students in the Strait school district will not be getting a sex education booklet deemed too explicit by their school board.

The Nova Scotia Office of Health Promotion is developing the guide for students in grades 7 to 12. It covers issues relating to sexual health and covers masturbation, oral sex and anal sex.

Members of the Strait district school board say the material is too racy for 12 and 13-year olds. The board voted to ban the booklet from its schools.

"They're little kids, for god's sake," says board chair George Kehoe. "They don't need that kind of info at that age. I mean, I've been married 40 years and there's stuff in there I never heard of and I never needed to know."

Kehoe says it's up to parents to tell children what they need to know about sex.

In Yarmouth, the Tri-County district school board is reconsidering its decision to hand out the guide. Board members saw only a presentation of the booklet, but agreed to distribute it.

"They may decide when seeing it in writing that it's just a little too strong for them. We've heard that the book is a little blunt, and they may revisit their motion," says the board's Heather Burlingham.

But Heather Christian, who worked on the booklet, says she's generally received a positive reaction to the sexual health guide.

It presents a lot of information that's already in the curriculum in a "straight from the hip" way youth can relate to, she says. "What we have to remember as parents and adults, things are talked about much more openly today than they were years ago."

The Office of Health Promotion is planning to distribute the booklet this spring.