A controversial sex guide will be placed in some schools in Nova Scotia despite a school board's attempt to keep it out.

The provincial Office of Health Promotion produced a sex education booklet for students in grades 7 to 12. It covers issues relating to sexual health, including masturbation and oral sex.

Earlier this year, the Strait school board deemed the guide too explicit, and decided it would not distribute it to students.

But at a meeting Wednesday night, board members were upset to read a letter from the Department of Education, indicating the book will be sent to schools for teachers to use as a reference tool.

"All of a sudden now a version of this is going to resurface in the schools on the first day. Parents ... may not have the ability to make sure that their child hasn't got access to this in some manner," says board member Frank Machnik.

The Office of Health Promotion still plans to make the booklet available to teens in the Strait area and is trying to figure out how best to distribute it.