Another winter storm is blowing in from the south of the Great Lakes toward Nova Scotia, but it's not yet clear if the howling winds will bring snow or freezing rain.

CBC meteorologist Peter Coade said Tuesday will see rain and two to five centimetres of snow in parts of Nova Scotia, but the above-zero temperatures may keep the precipitation as rain.

By midday Wednesday, strong winds are forecast for Nova Scotia.

"It's going to be with us for about 24 hours," Coade said Monday. "It's going to be quite a storm."

It looks more like a rain or freezing rain event for most of the province, he added, but snow is a possibility. He said the freezing rain or snow will continue until mid-afternoon on Thursday.

Environment Canada issued a special weather statement for the entire province, warning of an "intense low pressure system" bringing "significant amounts" of precipitation.

Ferries, bridges and roads will likely be affected by the weather.

"It all depends on the exact track of this storm as it moves by to our south on Wednesday," Coade said.

It could be worse: New Brunswick is looking at 30 centimetres of snow from the same storm. And it should be sunny on Friday in Nova Scotia.