A week and a half after post-tropical storm Arthur tore across the Maritimes, people in Scots Bay say they need the province to help fix their wharf.

This wharf in Scots Bay was badly damaged.

This Scots Bay wharf was badly damaged by storm Arthur. The fishermen who usually work from it have relocated to Halls Harbour. (Paul Palmeter/CBC)

During the storm, huge waves kicked up by Arthur's powerful winds tore apart a wharf in Scots Bay.

A huge hole is now in the centre of the wharf.  

Utility poles and timbers are still scattered.

Jerry Huntley, who lives near the wharf, says so far, the damage to the community has been overlooked, and they need help.

"It had taken quite a pounding. You could actually see timbers coming off of it and there were two light poles out there, they went one after another," he said.

The damage done to the wharf has forced fishermen who use it to move their boats and gear to another wharf in Halls Harbour.

Hardwood trees near the shoreline are also suffering. They were sprayed with so much salt water that their leaves have changed colour.

Kings-Hants MP Scott Brison is expected in the Annapolis Valley Wednesday, to take a close look at the trail of damage left behind by the storm.