Major retailers across Nova Scotia have decided they will not open on Boxing Day.

Though stores are now allowed to open on Dec. 26, Wal-Mart, Sears, Canadian Tire and other retailers announced Wednesday they will close that day.

"This gives them the opportunity to have a proper Christmas, like everybody else has in this province," said Carlo Weickert, owner of a Canadian Tire in Clayton Park who lobbied for the move.

Weickert said workers would've had to come in on Christmas Day to prepare the storeforthe Boxing Day sales.

Retail workers had circulated petitions asking that they receive at least two days off during the holidays.

The two big malls in the Halifax area, Mic Mac Mall and Halifax Shopping Centre, will also shut down on Boxing Day.

The retailers have already said they'll close Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

The Nova Scotia government lifted the Sunday shopping ban in October, allowingstores to open every day of the year except for Remembrance Day.